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Latest Multi-Function Products from NEC


NEC IT2840D Multi-Function Copier

Overview: This true multifunction product supports high-volume black and white printing and low cost operation through it's complete process management, standard features that include printing, faxing and scanning and it's finishing features.

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NEC ViVid Office 2020

NEC ViVid Office 2020 Multi-Function Copier

Overview: This multi-function device integrates with your existing systems to raise efficiency through access to network email, internet fax, IP-transmission, IP-relay and automatic archiving and forwarding applications.

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NEC IT45C4  Multi-Function Copier

Overview: Enter the world of full color documents and reduce the operating costs associated with single function printer and copiers with the NEC IT45C4. Features 45-cpm digital single-pass technology in full color or Black and White.

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